We understand the unique challenges facing private companies and high-net wealth individuals. From prioritizing fulfillment of infrastructure projects to creating impenetrable succession planning– we future-proof your commercial affairs.

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Our services are designed for your security and evolution in equal measure. 


At Bisham Wealth we know that sound legal structuring is a necessary step to create order from chaos. We apply rigorous logic to complex legal problems, resulting in documentation that is easy to interpret and implement.

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Financial Consulting

A significant aspect of project or business structuring is ensuring you have the finance to back your plans. We analyze income, expenses and financial models to give you clear and unbiased advice as to the feasibility of your plans, to ensure confidence at every stage of the project.

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Trust Funds

Trusts create security and transparency in business and personal operations. Because money flows through a transparent structure (the trust) and is managed by a regulated entity (us) they are suitable for everything from escrow accounts to real estate investments, macro projects, and estate planning.

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At Bisham Wealth we offer end-to-end solutions. Through our proprietary financial institution we offer personal lending and project finance, to ensure you can find everything you need, in-house.

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Our Practise Areas

Banking & Finance / Corporate M&A / Project Finance, Infrastructure & Public Bids / Real Estate / Estate Planning


We operate exclusively in the financial sector, focusing on projects of scale. We work closely with private companies and government agencies, so we know exactly how to secure the longevity of your plans.


We know projects are ever-changing so we employ strategies designed to evolve with you. Our priorities are keeping you 100% compliant with the law, and on a steep growth trajectory. 


Bisham Wealth takes a thoughtful, creative and deeply commercial approach to all solutions ensuring you’re always moving forward, in pursuit of your economic goals.

Integrated services for industry-defining projects.

Adventure freely.

At Bisham Wealth, we design solutions for your evolution. 

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