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Bisham Wealth was founded as a direct response to market needs. Government agencies and private companies have a specific set of legal, financial and technical requirements that must be harmonized, in order to reach successful outcomes.

Specializing in each three disciplines, Bisham Wealth is expert in achieving outcomes that are in alignment with your commercial objectives and partners.

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Public & Private Partnerships | Trusts | Legal & Financial Strategy | Commercial Negotiation | Document Execution | Project Structuring | Legal Advice | Legislative Review | Compliance | Financial Models | Debt Structuring | Government Bids

We exist to serve government agencies and private companies by creating powerful partnerships, sourcing finance and designing legal solutions that enhance growth.

Our Team

Carlo Hebert Gómez Carranza

Founder and Chairman

Project and Corporate Finance specialist lawyer, having special experience structuring Public Private Partnerships, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Trust Fund and Corporate deals, Magna Cum Laude graduate from the best Mexican law school, Escuela Libre de Derecho.

Mauro Hebert Gómez Carranza

Founder and CFO

Project finance specialist (greenfield and brown field) with expertise in debt structuring. Experience in business valuation (corporate finance) and M&A transactions. Sectors of interest: energy, electricity trading, health, insurance, real estate, banking and financial services.

Gabriel López Hernández

Founder and Business Developer

Business developer, real estate, industrial and finance specialist lawyer, Cum Laude graduate from the best Mexican business school, Instituto Tecnológio deEstudios Superiores de Monterrey.

Marlon Diego Valdez Hernández

General Manager

Public sector, infrastructure, real estate,environment, corporate and finance specialist lawyer, graduate from Barra Nacional de Abogados.

Juan Manuel Ortiz Carstensen

Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor, specialist in business modeling, corporate finance and valuation. Expertise in businesss optimization, consulting and M&A. Sectors of interest: real estate, aquaculture, agribusiness, balanced feed, pet food, alcohol industry andfinancial services.

Daniel Muñoz Díaz

Legal Advisor

Lawyer and General Counsel with more than 20 years of professional experience in the public sector. Specialist in designing and legally implementing important infrastructure projects. Experience in finance, public sector, banking and social security.

Mario Vargas Morales

Compliance Office & Business Development

An international trade specialist with expertise in the global exchange of goods and services. Experienced in facilitating and managing international trade relationships, negotiations, and transactions between companies, governments, and other entities across different countries. Mario is based in Mérida, one of the most important developing cities in Mexico. Authorized compliance officer, anti-money laundering and corporate specialist.

Xavier Pie Miranda

Legal Advisor

CorporateM&A, real estate and business specialist lawyer. Expertise in law-business strategies that enhance growth and corporate governance.

Julio Cesar Moreno Contreras

Business Development

Experienced business developer, responsible for identifying and developing new business opportunities in international markets, expanding Bisham Wealth presence globally by researching potential markets, analyzing market trends, identifying sales leads, and establishing relationships with potential clients, partners, or distributors in other countries.

What they say

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What they say

What they say

We had received experience, personalized treatment and solutions tailored to our needs. We had a pleasant experience!

Tenedora Gaz Naturel Mex

What they say

Bisham Wealth’s team helped us with our soft landing and business vision, great team to enhance our activity in Mexico.


What they say

First of all thank you to all the people that are taking care opf this business relationship and their professionalism when providing your services.

Cabo Rent A Car

What they say

Bisham Wealth’s corporate and business law advice got us investor ready.

Sola para empresas de México (SOLEA)

What they say

Bisham Wealth’s approach to managing wealth is rooted in a holistic strategy, carefully attuned to market dynamics forward thinking in anticipating trends and opportunities and dedicated to crafting tailored solutions.

The United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce Inter-American Chapter

What they say

As PPP’s, infrastructure and Project Finance specialists, the participation of Bisham Wealth in IMAPP has given us a broader understanding of the Mexican Market.

Instituto Mexicano de Asociaicones Publico Privadas

What they say

The legal and trust managing advice from Bisham Wealth has been a key to the fulfillment of our agreements with our clients.

Casanova Rent

What they say

Incorporating our trusts with Bisham Wealth was a secure, fast, and legally overall a great experience.


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