We specialize in public debt and infrastructure projects that let government agencies and officials develop State finance and infrastructure. With Bisham Wealth, compliance, finance and project fulfillment go hand-in-hand.

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Our specialized services are designed to ensure your projects transcend politics and see completion.

Project Structurng

Complex industry projects have many moving parts. We know how to align the technical, financial and legal components, and fuse them together into one cohesive, successful project. From conceptualization to design and execution of projects and/or financing, we take care of all your interests.

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Public Debt Structuring

If your project requires finance, at Bisham Wealth we have the capacity to offer financing solutions in-house, or we can source finance from one of our partner institutions. We then apply our specialized knowledge to prepare the financial, legal and public documents required for government approval.

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Trust Funds

Trust funds are a dynamic investment vehicle used when financing projects. Because the project money flows through a transparent structure (the trust) managed by a regulated entity (us) the certainty of your project being fulfilled increases exponentially.

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Design of Laws

It’s important you know your project can be legally executed. That’s why we analyze the relevant legal framework and, if necessary, draft and implement laws required for your project or state to receive investment. To ensure it’s bullet-proof, we can also manage the training and compliance to implement the law within the relevant government agency.

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Government agencies need private industry to ensure successful projects. We specialize in both sides of the market, therefore we intimately understand how to create the harmony you seek for the fulfillment of your goals.


We know projects are ever-changing so we employ strategies designed to evolve with you, that never limit your growth. Our priorities are keeping you 100% compliant with the law, and on a steep growth trajectory.


It’s often thought that legal and financial structuring is rigid. But Bisham Wealth takes a thoughtful, creative and deeply commercial approach to all solutions ensuring you’re always moving forward, in pursuit of your economic goals.

We know your market.

Adventure freely.

At Bisham Wealth, we design solutions for your evolution. 

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